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Auchwitz Serious RP Rules
Server Rules:


Random Death Match, this includes killing or attempting to kill without a valid RP reason.
The same punishment will apply if you get somebody killed without a valid RP reason.
Preforming any of these acts will result in an punishent.


First - Third offence: Warn.
Further Offences: 1 day ban.

Mass RDM:

The killing of 4 or more people without a valid RP reason.
This will strictly result in a ban. (Unless to be proven as not a mingy act but as a mistake, it will then be reduced)


First Offence: Month ban.
Further Offences: Perma ban.

Abuse of glitches and exploits:

Using an exploit or glitch for personel gain or to crash the server.
Doing this is strictly against the rules.


All Game Breaking/Extreme Offences: Left to the SST (Senior Staff Team) to decide upon the result. 
All Minor Offences: A kick/Ban (Up to two days).


FailRP can count as breaking out of restaints or just somthing that would not make sence RP wise.
FearRP comes under the FailRP catagory if you break FearRP because if you have a gun pointed at you, you wouldn't pull out your gun, you would just be shot. This means if your life is at risk, you obey the commands and avoid death.
Bhoping around can also count as FailRP because when was the last time you saw somone Bhoping down the road? Because it doesn't happen.
Mic spaming or chat spaming will just result in a minor punishment because it is stupid and utterly pointless.
Meta Gaming is strictly not aloud (Using OOC information IC).
Not following orders from higher up ranks is not FailRP but will be delt with IC.
Breaking the New Life Rule is not aloud unless somone tells you of why you should return to a location or do a specific thing such as, "Kill that jew".
Breaking these rules will be delt with very seriously as it is ruining the RP of others.


First - Third Offence: A kick and a warn.
Further Offences: A one day ban.

Disrespect Towards Players & Staff:

Any OOC things you do that are deemed as disrespectful or rude will be punished.


All Offences: Staff's opinion (Maximum ban of one day unless racist then it can be extended to a month).

Job Abuse:

Using the /job command to change your role to a stupid version of it is forbidden.
Changing to an SS guard to attempt to gain an advantage is forbidden.


All Offences: A warn + Kick.

Punishment Evasion:

Leaving, running away or changing job to avoid an admin sit.


All Offences: One day ban + there punishment for the original 

Job Rules/Abilites:

Enlisted Ranks:
You are the Men who will perform most executions and obeyyour NCO+ orders or it may get messy.

Non Commisioned Officers:

You are the primary helpers of the SS and can designate people to do your work, if they are below you.

Commisioned Officers:

You are some of the highest ranks in the camp, you can do nearly anything you like and sometimes even marches around the camp, mass executions if approved by high command, you can order people to do some of the most insignificant or important tasks, you can even kill your own men if they fuck up. Your duty is to premote and demote your men acordingly.

High Command:

You manage the camp and can do anything you like as long as it has a good RP reason. You will do raids upon the resistance if deemed nessacery or order a lockdown, anything you want to do, you can do (If you have a good reason to). You also have the Loyalist perk, you can die for your country, regardless of fear RP and torture.

The Resistance:

Your job is to help free jews and perfrom assasinations on the leading Nazi's, you may only raid if your leader aproves, this does not require an advert, but you can only raid for a maximum of 6 minutes. You can kidnap men of the SS if you feel you need to, or it could just be usefull.


You can rebel if you like or escape to the resistance base, but be aware of the guards watching over you or you may lose your life.

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