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Moderator abuse STEAM_0:0:177486155
I want to report the moderator: Athletic Jew (STEAM_0:0:177486155)

He teamed up with "General Phantom", who has been rdming, fail-rping, ignoring stuff and breaking the new life rules since he has joined the server.

What do I mean with teaming up? 

Every time I reported General Phantom or asked for Admin-help, Athletic Jew came listened to my story, denied everything I told him, said there is nothing to be seen in the logs altough there were witnesses that supported me. But he only believed General Phantom's side of the story which was a pack of lies, leading all accusations
to me. He also warned me (which led to a 2 hour ban) for leaving the server while being cuffed altough those cuffs were put on me while i was spawning. 
To be clear: I joined the server and was instantly cuffed by General Phantom. Which means that he cuffed me while i was in spawn-protection. So of course I leave the server to get free because I can't play the game with General Phantom intentionally annoying and ignoring the rules.

Altough I told Athletic jew the truth, didn't insult him, stayed calm (except a few "shut-ups" towards General Phantom  because he always started talking when I was about to tell my side of the story) and had other players to support me, he still mistreated me and ensured that'd get banned.

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