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Report RDM, FailRp, Axe Attacking ...
Hello there, Im here to report Murokakku1.
He is an little Kid which is killing randomly Players.
He was demoted 2 Times but he still was duing his thing [Image: sad.png]

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419399012

Proofs: http://steamcommunity.com/id/invad3r/scr...5176076749

Murokakku1 killed Jossiiro using swm_chopping_axe

Murokakku1 killed MrMiro using weapon_752_waltherp38
(OOC) VirtuallyBrain: Be carefull RDMER online
[DarkRP] Dr Steinter has started a vote for the demotion of Murokakku1
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[DarkRP] Deppo has been made a Slavic Busker!
[DarkRP] Murokakku1 has been made a Jew!
[DarkRP] Murokakku1 has been demoted
Thank you for submitting this evidence, but sadly this does not prove that Murokakku1 was axe minging/rdming. The first picture just shows the player list and the second picture just shows him holding out his axe infront of an SS Soldier (If he hit the SS Soldier there would of been blood on the ground below him but there clearly is none there.) Sorry for such the long response time but sadly i'm gonna have to decline this due to failure to prove wrong doing,

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