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Jericho’s Staff App
I Section 1: Information

In-Game name: Jericho

How many hours do you have on the server?: 15

Applicant Name (Optional):

Age (Minimum Age 15+): 15 (13.3.2003)

Steam Name: BritishSovietSuperiorServers.co (may change within the next few days)

Steam ID (STEAM:0:0:000000):76561198236082530

Time Zone (e.g GMT): GMT : + 1

Section 2: Important Info

Are you currently staff on another server, if so what?:no

Fluency in English out of 10 (Speaking and Typing):

      Speaking:9 (I get jumbled up sometimes)            /10                                           Typing:  7(jumbled up)   /10

Are you familiar with the ULX system? If so then please list a few examples:

!goto !xban !warn !spectate !kick !god !noclip 
Do you have a microphone and/or Discord?: yes both

Do you have any Warns/Kicks/Bans if so why (Explain in detail)?: I have no warns kicks or bans

Section 3: General Questions

Do you have any experience moderating/administrating servers?: no 

How do you think you could benefit the server (150 characterss minimum, not words, characters!!!)?: I will not abuse is I will report record and screenshot abusers and I will be on frequently as sometimes no admins are on and everyone MASSRDMs each other and spawncamp also this is now one of the primary servers I play on now

Why should we pick you over other people (80 characters minimum, not words, characters!!!)?: I won’t abuse and I will report screenshot and record anyone who I see abusing and I will be on frequently 

What would you do if you were staff and Mingelord420 reported Lith.suc19 for RDM?: bring both and check the logs and see if Lith killed him for no valid reason or if Mingelord attacked first. If Lith rdmed I will give him a warn and ask Mingelord to change his name

How active can you be?: quite often but not on Tuesdays cos I’m at my dads

Do you understand that if you are abusing, you will be removed from staff?: yes

Do you understand that you must be in the Discord server when you are on the Staff Team?: yes

Tell us about yourself: I am from Scotland and I’m a huge gamer

Any other things you would like to tell us (Optional)?:
- ingame player impression
- this application
(04-29-2018, 07:20 PM)Wolfyo Wrote: -1
- ingame player impression
- this application

What do you mean by this application?
+1 - Overall nice person in game, knows how to RP well and doesnt break rules.

-1 - Not the best understanding of ULX and typing / speaking english isnt the best.

Best Regards
Heinrich Ofver! (trial moderator)

I see what your trying to say and all... But honestly its hard to read in the format you put.

You dont seem to understand some about the rules (Or you did and I could not understand what you ment)

Your english isn't the best thing Ive seen but hit me up on discord and I can possibly do an interview of sort. From what I see you can make a great addition to the staff team from what I see in-game. (Discord: Ask#1536)
Best Wishes!  -ASK (Moderator)

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